3D to 2D Flatten / Unroll?

I have scanned an object in 3D and need to flatten or unroll it (I assume) so I can get the proper measurements.
this will then be cut out of sheets of material (flat surface). therefore i need to know the rise and fall along the object (proper measurement).
flatten or project to c plane (not a proper measurement).

can this be achieved?
see picture.

Hello - I’d make a Section through the object and then use Length (or DimCurveLength) on the result. Does that get you what you need?


Sorry I am new to alot of these commands and tools. I do not totally understand how to make a section however I believe that will only get me that one single dimension. the red line in my drawing was an example of a dimension i need. however you can see the the object is tapered and the dimension changes along the object. If i am understanding you correctly i do not think this will give desired result.
I am hoping to unroll the 3d object in some way that I can know “all measurements” not just one single measurement of the object.

You should take a look at the manual.




I see you work with meshes, squish works on meshes too, because it actually first extracts the mesh from the surface before expanding it.

If you can work with surfaces and somehow approximate your mesh with a surface, you may even use scripting to get the gauge dimensions without expanding/unrolling the surface.


Thanks for the info.
Unroll command will not work and im assuming because its non developable surface. I was able to create a simple cone and unroll that. so i know i am doing it correctly.

squish command flattens the object but does no give desired result. gives “black” measurement in my drawing not “red”.

I can not get smash command to work at all.

I really need to somehow figure this out as i have projects that are in limbo until i do.

I will be willing to compensate someone for their time if they are willing to help me figure this out.

I have attached the drawing for reference.

3D.3dm (11.1 MB)

Hello - I guess this is digitized, is that correct? If so, I would try to simplify - e.g. it looks like there is a base plane, a higher plane, angled surfaces between them and fillets between the angled surfaces and the planes…


yes this was digitized.
it appears you created multiple surfaces. what did you do exactly?
how will this help me?

Hello -

for one, my thing will unroll - it is an approximation - I did not, for instance, take care in selecting the fillet radius - I was guessing as to how it could be simplified, just going from that perimeter curve, but I daresay you can make a better version with a bit more time.


would you mind sending me that file so i can see what you did?
I am curious as to how you got the unroll function to work.

Sure - here you go -

3D _PG.3dm (1.6 MB)
(UnrollSrf > Explode=No)