Looking for 3D surface and flattening insight

Hello, I am pretty new to Rhino. I mainly use Grasshopper and make drawings with Rhino 6 and am looking to try some new functions. I have two 3D scans and a few questions. What is the best way to merge the outer curves and clean them up? Also, should I turn these curves into a surface before flattening them? I am wanting final result to be the stretched out template of the 3D scan so when the vinyl gets printed it will conform to the edges. Any help or links to content for me to study is highly appreciated

3D Test II test.dxf (405.7 KB)

Hi Sean - do you have the 3d part? All I see is 2d curves here.


Would you consider this 2D or 3D? I figured it was 3D curves due to the z-axis

Hi Sean - your image shows 3d curves, yes, but that is not what I get in the dxf.



3D Test II.dxf (612.5 KB)

I sent the wrong file, my apologies.

Hi Sean - I’d try Squish on the original mesh and see what happens - can you post or send us the mesh at tech@mcneel.com?