Help with flattening project

Hello, I have been working with these simple CAD plans for some time, however when I went to measure some areas of our 2D layout I got some weird results. Through investigation I see I have walls extruded into the Z plane (I did not setup this project) - Can I get some advice how to remove all Z plane data and just have everything 2D on X-Y plane?

Thanks for all your input!

If I understand correctly, you only had the 2D data and then somehow you ended up with the 3D extrusions that you don’t actually want. Is this correct? In this case, select all the extrusions (Z plane) and hit the Delete key on your keyboard to get rid of them. In Rhino the 2D geometry is independent from the 3D geometry, deleting the one won’t delete the other one.

Thanks Vanessa - Is there a simple way to flatten the object to a 2d plane, If I select each object that is extruded it also removed the part of the object on the plane I want

I’m working with Alan on this project. Selecting the extrusions & deleting them is does not leave the 2D geometry behind. Any idea why or how to convert them to 2D?

It seems like you only have 3D geometry which is seen in 2D in the Top viewport. There are no actual 2D curves. If you want to generate a 2D drawing of your 3D model, your friend will be the Make2D command,

Thank you so much! That worked exactly as needed. Had a feeling there would be a simple command but I couldn’t seem to find it.