ExtractRenderMesh Rhinoceros 8

Hi everyone!
This is the first time I’ve written here!
I tried to check if anyone had already written something about my problem, but I couldn’t find anything.

I’m trying to do _ExtractRenderMesh on rhino 8 but it doesn’t work for me. I did exactly the same thing on rhino 7 and it works.

Can anyone explain to me why it doesn’t work on R8?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

This seems to work here in my V8… Is this on any object or one particular one? If you make a sphere in a new file, can you extract a render mesh?

Hi Helvetosaur!
thank you for attention! i don t know why, it doesn t work… now a make the same try and it works…
maybe i just miss some click. My fault, not rhino 8 :wink:

thank u again!

just another small question! I need to apply texture displacement on a open mesh but it doesn t work… Does it work only on closed mesh?

I have an Origami Giraph → mesh wrap and I need to light simulate the texture paper.

I tried to apply a displacement texture but it not works. I also tried with just a small portion of her leg, but nothing changed.

Hope I was clear :wink:

Hi @Roberto_Trunfio
As the orange warning at the bottom says, the displacement calculation is still in progress - it can take looooong time to complete (and can also crash Rhino, so don’t forget to save before you start). Simulating something as subtle as paper texture is really not a good candidate for displacement, unless it’s a VERY rough texture and you need to eg. 3D print it - which in turn will require a really high resolution print. Depending on your needs, you’d get a much better result from UV unwrapping the giraf and texture mapping the paper texture on.
HTH, Jakob