3D printing in Matrix

I am new on this forum, we have a new Pico2 printer and the 3D printing in Matrix (or Rhino) is not responsive. Can I get some help on this please?
Thank you!

If I’m guessing the problem you’re alluding to correctly, don’t bother with the 3D Print command in Rhino. It is dependent on versions of external programs to be in sync and they probably aren’t.

Instead, make a mesh from you NURBS model and make sure the mesh is good using the Check command.
Then Export the mesh to STL and open the STL in your Pico2 application.

Here’s a link to really good 3D printing tutorials:

Thank you! I am clear on how to make airtight objects, my problem is more of the mechanics of building the supports, since in the last 10+ years i did not need them…

Just about all interface software is able to devise appropriated supports. That is different for each system. The fused powder systems need no supports.

Composer Build Gen Software

Maximize your work flow with our integrated Composer software for intuitive build generation. Auto or manual support generation and access to curing and motion control settings for full user customizability. Composer is supplied as part of your PICO2 package.Hi @Ktarai

I think @ChrisK is right - this is from the Pico website:

Thank you both very much!