3d printer

Does the software support 3D printers and if so how? drivers required etc?

You export typically STL from Rhino to slice and print using the software that came with your printer, or to send to the service provider.

so That’s a yes? the software will support printers added. Thanks so much for the answers.

I think you are misunderstanding the answer.

Rhino does not directly support printers.
It allows you to convert and export models to a format the printer software can import.

It can also be used to generate tool paths for your printer, but that usually works best with the printer’s builtin software.

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What’s the actual question here? It’s a bit baffling, like it should be pretty obvious that Rhino is not Cura, and of course that you can 3d print models you make in it, people have been doing that since Rhino came out in the 1990s!

It might not be so obvious for those who are new to 3D printing.

So 3D printers typically have their own software that comes with it or is compatible. This software generally reads mesh type of files: STL, 3DS, OBJ, DEA. Rhino can export your 3D model in all of those formats so yes, Rhino is compatible.

Cheers, Orlando

Its not totally obvious to me. I am asking questions because I truly don’t know the answers. I just bought this software recently, and am new to the realm of rhino 6. Thanks for all the positive answers out there though. Keep the negativity to your self . Thanks.

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I use Rhino to model all my 3D print projects. You must use an intermediate software (your slicer) to convert Rhino (or other modeling software) models to Gcode that the printer reads for printing.

My process is: Model in Rhino. Save each part as (ExportSelected) as a .stl file. Import the .stl file into the slicer. (I use Cura) Upload the Gcode file to the printer via SD card or other methods. Print.