3D printing from mesh

Hello, i have been prapering a file for 3d printing. The models are made by meshes. Is ıt enough to have This is a good mesh form MeshRepair command for good 3d printing? Or do i need to check other things to be sure that the 3d printing process will be fine.

Hello - if the mesh passes Check, and is closed (ShowEdges command) with no nonmanifold edges, there is a good chance it can print.


Many of the 3d printer slicing software packages will automatically repair a mesh too. I use preform for my form2 printer and it will sometimes tell me the mesh is damaged and then fix it for me.I also use a FDM printer and the slicing software (ideamaker) will also repair meshes if there is a problem.I will design my object in rhino and make sure it is a closed solid polysurface and then export it as an .stl for printing.


I assume that means ıt pass the check command right?


That looks promising to me…


Hello, then if my mesh pass check command and check the file with ideamaker and it fixes my file, we can say that 3d printing will be good:)
Sorry i might ask the same thing again but i want to be sure it will be okay before i print it.
Thank you all for the answers.

Thank you very much.

Correct. If it passes ideamakers check it should print fine.


One last quesition:) This should mean that my model pass the check right?

Yes if you get the green check mark it means it should print fine


There are several concerns aside from having watertight/manifold geometry:

Minimum printable wall thickness
Very sharp (acute) edges
Minimum feature/hole size

So you can have “good” geometry and still not have a “good” print.

i assume those paremeters are determined by the 3d printer capabilities right?

Yes, that’s right.

Thank you!

I assume you have a RAISE3d printer? I have a N2 and it is superb. It can print even very fine detail and as long as you use the correct settings it will perform very well in my experience. I always look at the preview after I have done the slicing because that often will identify problems-ie parts that are not well supported or the walls are too thin etc…

Accually i dont have one, i will use my friends 3d printer. It is RAISE3d as far as i know as you said.