Mesh issues I can't solve

can someone help me fix this mesh to 3d print? I have been trying to fix it for the past 2 days but I’m really having a hard time! Thank you in advance!!! I do repair mesh also but it changes how it looks and I need it to look exactly like this and I’m struggling

concept model.3dm (226.9 KB)

The mesh is quite messy. It not only has a lot of naked edges but also non-manifold edges.

How did you create the meshes? Any chance you have surfaces polysurfaces of all objects?

Hi Felicia -
For starters, it looks like you are running Rhino 7.1. Please update to the current service release of Rhino 7!

As Martin noted, that model is rather messy - beyond any automated mesh repair.
The attached should probably print as-is but note that there is one object that is not quite attached to the rest…

concept model-PolySrf.3dm (6.2 MB)

Hi @Felicia_Timpano
As already mentioned, that mesh is really a mess! My workstation is tied up with rendering so had nothing better to do, so here’s a cleaned up, watertight and printable mesh version.
HTH, Jakob
concept model_fix.3dm (254.2 KB)

Thank you all soooooo sooo Much!!