Rhino doesn't detect the holes of my mesh

I have a mesh made from grasshopper, it has a voronoi geometry.
I want to print my file but when I try to open it in a 3D printing software it tells me that my mesh has deffects and won’t let me open it.
I checked in meshmixer and apparantly my mesh has holes. The problem is that Rhino doesn’t detect them when I use _MeshRepair so I don’t know how to repair them

If anyone could give me a hand with it I would apreciated orthosis.3dm (3.2 MB)

your mesh is clean - a few intersecting faces, but nothing that should make a problem… I suppose it is rather your printing software that is at fault. Try another format obj / stl on export.
What printing software do you use?
Also - a very fast check for holes is to run the ‘DupBorder’ command… if it returns no borders the mesh is closed. It still could have other problems, but i don’t see any in your file.

Thank you!

I use Ultimaker Cura, do you know other software that I could use?

What you can try is UnifyMeshNormals and then RebuildMeshNormals - because they are a bit off…
Also make sure that you don’t export that two surfaces!

Simplify3d is the best i know, but not free…

It worked! I can’t see any deffects now

Thank you so much!!