3D Object shattered with solid points

Hi everyone,

I have a 3D-Object and used SolidPoints to stretch it in an angle. Then I wanted to join it with another 3D-Object with BooleanUnion. Not working. When I zoomed in I saw this:

When I drew it again, I used a different method. First I drew it according to the coordinate system. Then I rotated it and used wirecut to make the angle.
Now BooleanUnion is working.
So that you know what I am talking about:

Can anyone explain, why the 3D-Object was shattered in the first place? Does it have something to do with the logic behind Rhino-3D-Modelling?

Thank you!

If you edit with solid points, you need to know exactly what you are doing or you will destroy the object. For example moving just one corner of a planar-faced box will result in warped surfaces. In addition, joints with neighboring surfaces may break apart or become invalid depending on geometry of the surfaces involved in the edit.

If you have boxlike planar objects a somewhat more reliable way to edit them is to use sub-object selection and select edges and/or faces to move, but even that has its limits.


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