Trouble joining solid objects

I’m still fairly new at Rhino, so if I’m using the wrong terminology please excuse me.

I’m having trouble joining two solids. I’ve made a water bottle using the Revolve function. I then cut it in half vertically using Wirecut so it will remain solid. I then used Extrude on the outline created when I cut the water bottle in half to create another solid.

I’ve tried using both Join and Boolean Union to join the two, but they both fail.

You want BooleanUnion. Join only works with naked edges, so it will never do anything wth two solids. This sounds like it should work, but I can’t be sure without seeing the model before you try to do the union. Can you post the 3dm file with the two solids that you are trying to union?

6’ bottle post.3dm (550.8 KB)

Hopefully it uploaded Chuck.

But now I’m really confused. The bottle is part of a larger drawing, so I copied and paste to isolate. Before I did anything I tried to Boolean Union again and it failed. After I paste the drawing to it’s new page I tried Boolean Union one more time, and this time it worked!

What they heck? Here is the one that worked, may be you can gleam some information from it.


Hi John- it’s hard to say without seeing the separate input objects, but your object in the file has an internal face that should not be there - run the Section command to see where the extra is- not what you expect, right?