Boolean union fail

Hello! I have a few hours since i’m trying to boolean 3 solids together. Is there any way to make this work?

armor 009.3dm (1.7 MB)

BooleanUnion works for me using Rhino V6. It takes several minutes to complete. Which version of Rhino are you using?

If you make the unions by pairs works just fine but the imput curves of each extrusion are pretty messy, I would recomend to rebuild those curves first.

Strange, after restarting rhino, boolean works, but it broke the shape

The curves are messy because i tried so many things to get the shape that i want and it became a mess.

Any suggestion to boolean without distorting the shape?

How did the shape distort? When I use BooleanUnion the shapes remain identical to the original shapes.

Are you seeing render mesh artifacts? Go to Options > Mesh and select “Smooth and slower”.

I changed that setting but it didn’t fix anything. It’s not the viewport render, it’s the geometry. That’s why i uploaded the different mesh visualizations. The geometry get’s distorted after boolean union. It’s strange that it doesn’t for you. I am using rhino 6 also.

Hi @acpavel,

Looking at your file, looks you’re using a pretty old version of Rhino 6. Perhaps upgrading to the latest service release would help.

– Dale

Thanks Dale, i’ll try that!

that happen because is only one surface on each perimeter, the only thing broken is the render mesh, not the surface ittelf, you can fix that by exploding them and change the degree 1 of the extrusions to degre 2 or 3 and re join all together again.