Joining or BooleanUnion - which one will work?

Hi - I have a Main Object - Closed Solid Polysurface and a Patch - Open Polysurface. I tried JOIN and tried BOOLEANUNION. Never worked What am I missing ?
Also tried to clean up Naked edges but can’t seem to remove them. Any Helps ?

upload the file so we can suggest different alternatives. also join works when each entity match the other, for example. end to end or edge to edge. boolean works when there are closed intersection between objects.

Not permitted to upload as part of a patent. Good info about common objects for Join or Boolean.
So I have cleaned up the naked edges.
How to turn an Open PolySurface into something that a Closed Solid PolySurface can become one with ?

How are we supposed to help then? There’s nowhere to start to tell you how to fix it, it appears to have been poorly conceived, it’s a mess. Were the units and tolerances set properly before modeling? Changing them after the fact in Rhino DOESN’T help.

You’re trying to connect a surface to a closed polysurface? It’s telling you that object is already closed, there are no holes to fill in until you remove some faces with ExtractSrf, so it sounds like something is a bit messed up with the model.

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from the image those are quite problematic areas:

you should avoid nearly tangent edges between surfaces. I agree with @JimCarruthers about the messy model. is hard if not impossible to help with only those images. answers could be a lot and way different from each other. on the first red circle on the left. there is something weird going on there.

It is a billet sculpted by a loft, that had some material too low for the sculpt, so filled that in with ExtrudeCrvToPoint. There are still presently 3 curves that show as naked edges.
Also include is an image of the crater that I need to fill.
Any better suggestions then what i did ?


extract all those surfaces and remake that area. will be easier and cleaner

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Remove and delete the low surface. You can use ExtractSrf.
Join the remaining polysurface and the new surface.
Sometimes ExtractSrf, Trim, Split, Delete and/or Join is easier and quicker than trying to use Booleans.

Genius, THANKS greatly David. That was so simple.

Welll, that went well, but now i have an Open Polysurface and can’t figure how to close it. Tried CAP but no luck. It appears as I used LOFT to rebuild the crater, there was an extra edge added, so do I need to keep EXTRACTSRF and rebuild until those go away, or is there some command to close those up ?

And what does it mean when it says “The “ExtractSrf” command created 1 bad objects.”

Finally rebuilt the whole end by ExtractSRF and then reLOFTed. Closed poly created.

that looks like overlapping surfaces

Yes, completely removed the surfaces further back and rebulit. All gone now. Thanks.

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