3d Navigator

When I’m in perspective view and have the 3d Space Navigator plugged in but NOT holding it… moving the camera instead with the mouse the camera goes slightly askew. If I take my hand off the mouse and toggle the Navigator a little it straightens up. Then when I go back to working with the mouse, it eventually goes askew again. I’m running V6, have the Navigator set to Helicopter mode and Rhino’s Options/ View/ Rotate set to Rotate relative to view. I hate to have to unplug the Navigator when I’m not using it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Cosmas - I don’t know if I am using the mouse in exactly the same way as you are but so far at least - quick test - this seems OK here.


Hi Pascal,

Okay so if I have my mouse (regular everyday mouse) plugged in at the same time as the navigator, looking at my 3d model in perspective view, if I control the camera with the navigator it’s fine, but if I let go of the navigator and spend a minute or so working with my mouse, the view in the perspective window goes askew. As soon as I touch the navigator again it corrects itself and is vertical.

You don’t see that?

Hi Cosmas - I guess I don’t see the skew, no - nothing happens to change the view when I go back to the 3dConnexion. I should say that I don’t really use the 3dx thing, only for testing so I may not be sufficiently tuned in…