Space Navigator settings and Rhino 5.2.3

Hi guys,

I am just starting my journey into nurbs modelling and have purchased Rhino. I bought a Space Navigator 3D mouse with my purchase and figured I might as well start my training using the Space Navigator from the start. Having not had any experience with either Rhino or using a 3D mouse I was wondering what are the most preferred settings for the other users out there?

I have had a mess about with moving around in the viewports with both the mouse and the Space Navigator. I have noticed a difference between the two though. When zooming with the scroll wheel on the mouse in the perspective view it allows me to zoom right into and up close to the model, but when using the zoom function (forward/back) on the Space Navigator I have noticed that it behaves differently and will only allow me to zoom up to a certain point hovering above the surface of the model and not zoom in any further.

What settings can I use on the Space Navigator that will replicate the default behaviour of a normal muse in Rhino? Once I get better and learn a bit more about the program I can adjust the settings to my taste, but starting out the learning curve I would prefer to use the Space Navigator exactly as one would use a mouse in Rhino.

Can anyone advise what Space Navigators settings would allow me to do this?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The described behavior is expected. When I was using the SpaceNavigator, I set one of the two buttons for the _zoom _target and another button to _zoom _Extents . In this way it is possible to work to the best of the Space Navigator. Until 3DConnexion and developers Rhino Mac does not “update” and Rhino Driver to have the same behavior as Windows Rhino (in particular the automatic positioning Zoom to object center) will need to adapt and make do. I learned to live with the problem that you describe Zoom, now we do not even notice.



Thank you for explaining the situation. :slight_smile: