3D modelling & (CNC)Fabrication work 2017

Here’s a glimpse of the work I did/helped out with in 2017 on which I used Grasshopper/Rhino. Some for clients, some for private clients and some for my own fun.


great stuff love it


I really like it!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Nice work!

Those animated giff’s are really cool too! Do you mind me asking how you made those?

No problem, they’re made using Grasshopper, you can right click on sliders and choose animate. It goes through the slider and outputs an image for different steps of the slider. I then create several steps which tweak different parts of the definition and try to make it so it creates a loop. Each step is animated with the slider and then I combine them into one gif/video. Hope that makes it a bit more clear.

This reminds me I forgot to upload this animation of the desk:

(hmm seems like discourse trims gifs to a certain length? Here the gif stops a bit before it was finished)


Nice. Thanks for the explanation, they’re very effective.

Might not renew Bongo…!

do you work in the shop too? or mostly just computer?

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That depends on what the client wants (to pay for) and how complex it is. I do mostly 3d-modelling and cnc-production myself. But then sometimes I work for carpenters and they prefer to assemble it themselves. And if I know there’s more manual expertise involved, then I outsource that part.

I’ve also had clients that just wants 3D or 2D-design files and do the cnc-production + assembling themself. Some have a limited budget for a project, or rather learn to do it themselves, so I’ve also trained them to use the cnc and then do more consultancy for the assembling and finishing. I kind of like that, because then they also understand the complexity and amount of work behind it all.

But I do enjoy assembling myself as well. It gives me a better understanding in what problems can occur during assembling and how to prevent them when making future design files.


Wow Nice @siemen friend its really great stuff nice work buddy really like it.

Sorry about this post of the sailboat, I confused this thread with another about designs done in Rhino that have been built.

It wasn’t until I scrolled up and saw the excellent work Siemens, love how you use the Grasshopper sliders to animate the gifs of the assembly. Have you tried using the new Snapshots tool in v6 to do something similar?

Thanks! @Bob_Johnson & @Joseph_Culbert

No, it’s a very cool and useful new feature but as far as I know you cannot create an animation out of it yet, except for video capturing your screen?