From the PC screen to CNC manufacture!

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I’m new to Rhino & Grasshopper and have always stunted at creating a meaningful model as I cannot see how I can turn my labour of love on screen into a tangible product. So help would be appreciated!

I have in mind to design a geodesic pentagon dome (Form likely to evolve), to be made from a generic stock timber cross-sectional size, but would like assistance in knowing how to take the 3D form and cut each section into individual CNC-able piece-parts (Ideally with draft angles for 5-Axis CNCing). Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial or alike to help please?

(…Additionally, being able to fabricate great Grasshopper designs is paramount to the software’s real-world value beyond the PC screen, so a personal request from me to make this a dedicated section on the website would be very much appreciated!)

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For the beginning I would suggest using google search. „Grasshopper to CNC“ for example will give you discussions, videos, tutorials and plugins.

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Get off Grasshopper and onto a CNC and timber workshop. Get a better understanding of the material you’re working with and use that to inform your design process.


Hello here is a link to Ludovic Mallegol work

He cuts wood with a robot and he has done geodesic domes.

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My real world experience and hobbyist interests are not the issue. These things I do already, it’s understanding how the software can help translate design intent into a manufacturable item which is where I struggle to find helpful content.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Every little bit of learning and sharing helps! :slight_smile:

In regards to that statement, i know of this guy
What i don’t know if is posts anything talking about the process from design to product

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Thank you for sharing!