3D cut of mesh


(cj) #1

Hey guys,

is there a possibility of cutting a unregular mesh surface with a spline in 3D, not just in one plane with meshsplit…
I need an unregular split of a mesh. With a patch-surface, based on multiple points located on the mesh vertex and then splitting was a compromise solution but is there any way to select freely a certain part of a mesh surface and devide it from the rest…??:sweat::sweat:

Just an example… Can I cut the mesh survice with that spline?? I copied the spline for visualisation next to the model…

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

You could extrude your spline, then use MeshBooleanSplit. Turn on points and select extranous bits of mesh that were created:

(cj) #3

thank you!
in the end i draw a curve with vertex-snap on the mesh and scaled it twice with - one smaller and one bigger - then i lofted these curves and cut the original mesh with the new surface (that i turned into a mesh before meshsplit…

but that does a again work only to a certain complexity of the area you need…
It would be great, if i could split the original mesh with a curve i drew around it with any shape…these cutting/splitting tools seem to work only in 2D…

(qythium) #4

Does the command SplitMeshWithCurve not work for you? I tested it out on a 3d space curve and mesh, and it seems to work fine:

(cj) #5

Sometimes yes, sometimes no… I usually have to split unregular scanbased meshes and rhino then seems to have its problems…but thank you!

(cj) #6

Oh splitwithcurve was the key…i just used simple splitting :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Thanks a million qythium