Split mesh curves

Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me what is the best way of splitting a mesh with sets of the curves?
I have a quad mesh and I want to split it with the sets of a countour polyline curve and as the result have list of strip meshes.

ps: I don’t mind if my strips are not quad meshs.



MeshSplit should work for this, just make sure you group your curves before splitting to avoid selecting each curve one by one.


Thanks for your reply. infact the mesh split in Rhinoceros accept all sorts of cutters but the problem is that I can not find a method in Rhino common which accept curves or polylines as splitters. There is only methods for splitting with mesh,meshes and infinite plane.


Hi Mahan -

I take it that this makes this a coding question and not a modeling question…
You might want to also mention the language you’re coding in and a 3dm sample probably wouldn’t hurt either. Moving this to Developer.

Hello Wim. Yes it’s my bad. I had to choose the right category for this thread. By the way i’m using C#.

Hi @xerim

Use Mesh.Split.

– Dale

Hi Dale. Indeed I had checked this before in the documentation. As you can see there is no method to split a mesh with a curve however the Rhino has this ability to split a mesh with a curve.



Hi @mahanmotamedi1991,

You will need to extrude your curves through mesh, then mesh the extrusions. Then you can try splitting the mesh.

– Dale

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Thanks. I wonder if they used the same technique in rhino script.