3D Connexion Settings Disappear After Using WIP

I’m still mostly using the latest release of V7, but as the WIP (V8) seems to be getting closer for release, maybe this year ?? Anyway my problem is this, I open and work on a V7 project file. Then I decide to open V8 WIP, and bam, all the settings I had programmed to my 3d Connexion mouse are gone, like it gone back to default. I then have to import the settings I have saved for my mouse, this happens regular. very frustrating and time consuming !

@milezee is this on Mac or on Windows?


Thanks I will ask someone that works with one. Which model is it, in case it matters?

@Gijs one of these, had it about 3 years- CadMouse Pro Wireless: ergonomic mouse for CAD professionals (3dconnexion.com)

I’ve been using 3D connexion mice and space navigators for years and so far it works fine in Rhino WIP.

All except one command in my radial menus work. And that one command on button 4 is a macro in Rhino 7. Somewhat expected.

The command icons however are not shown in the settings in Rhino WIP.

@Markus maybe something for you to look at?

@milezee Are you expecting the 3DConnexion mouse settings to follow the .3dm file from V7 to V8 WIP? If so that is not how the 3D mouse settings work. They are Rhino properties, document properties, and are independent of the particular .3dm file being used.

Or do you change the 3DConnexion mouse settings in V8 WIP; confirm that the mouse is working per the revised settings; close V8 WIP; open V8 WIP and the 3D mouse settings are different than when you previously closed V8 WIP?

Hi David, no I’m not expecting the same settings to work in V8 WIP, the problem is when when I decide to give a bit of time to V8 (without assigning anything to my cad mouse), if I then go and open an V7 project file all my settings are gone, I have to import the saved settings file :man_shrugging:t4:

.3dm files do not include mouse settings or alias settings. So when you open a .3dm file from V7 in V8 WIP the mouse settings in V8 WIP will not change. They will stay the same as when you last used V8 WIP.

well whatever it is I’d call a problem, having to reinstall settings each time I’ve gone between V7 & V8 is not good

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You may want to look at this thread 3D Connexion deletes RhinoFS.xml