Why do I have multiple Rhino's installed?


I have a quick question regarding why I have Rhino 5 (64-bit) showing twice? I am sure I did not install it two times?

Also what is Rhino 5 and Rhino safe mode? (I had heard that we automatically get the 32 bit version so am assuming it is the Rhino 5 that I see in my screen shot. The 64-bit is the version I use.

Thanks and look forward to some clarity on this.

Correct, both 32 and 64 bit versions install. I’ve always felt the installer should offer the user a choice, but that was never an option. Fortunately V6 will only be 64 bit so that issue will disappear.

Thank you Dan,

Just wondering if you know why it shows two 64 bit versions on my laptop. Perhaps I installed twice?

That is great news for V6 though:)

Do both tiles do the same thing and open the exact same Rhino? What do you see in ProgramFiles? Are there two installs?


Hi Mitch,

Both tiles open Rhino 64-bit. That is from the back-end in my screen shot. On my desk top there is just one Rhino tile that I always go through.

In the program files Rhinoceros 5 64-bit appears once.
In the program files (x86) Rhinoceros 5 appears once.



Ya, it actually looks like you have a total of 5 tiles. The safe mode part is worded in two different ways since the cpu assumes 86 is normal or something.

I guess mine is the exact same except for the extra tile. Tiles are just shortcuts anyways right?

You can unpin the tile from the start screen… See if in the small tile display (the one that has ALL installed stuff) it has any duplicates after that…