3 hour work lost due to hatch!

Hatched area, clicked on cross style, thanks to default scale 1,0 my whole project is not responding now and i forgot to save. It is still running, is there any way to recover?

Why it is not thought to escape command with esc ? This is problem almost everytime causing huge problems. Hatching is not possible when default settings freeze your computer each time.

Hi Juan -

We are in the process of revisiting that issue:


is there any magic trick how to shut down not responding rhino with saving my project?

Save more often :slightly_smiling_face: (no really just get in and habit of hitting ctrl+s often or turn on auto save). Never rely on any software to save you no matter how “good” the recovery save situation is. 3 hours is way too long of work time to go without a save.

Hi -

I’m afraid not, no. But if you haven’t turned off the autosave feature, there should be a somewhat recent version on your disk.

Just an update on that: the issue has been resolved and the fix is in Rhino 7.3. A public release candidate should be available next week.