ClippingDrawings Update und Hatch Bug

Hello, apparently there is a bug with the UpdateClippingDrawings command, because the section is often not updated, “changes in the model are ignored” and the hatchings are also partially mirrored. Furthermore, the hatchings are simply not displayed and only a fill area is created.

I work with real coordinates, mostly in Gauss Krueger, in the range of 20,000 - 4,000,000 and I have no idea whether that’s why Rhino has problems with it.

I’m running Rhino 8.4.24044.15001, 2024 -02-13

Hi Bjornsmolarek,

Can you provide and example file and your systeminfo? Thanks

Hi Japhy,
I will prepare the file from the example image and also try to include my system information, as described in the link, with the bug report

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Hello Japhy,
could you send me the link again where you can report a bug and upload files outside of the forum, unfortunately I can no longer see your second link.

I have prepared the file so far and generated the Txt file using the Systeminfo command.

Thank you.

Hello Japhy,
Is there any news regarding my bug report?
Unlike in the past when I reported a bug, this time I unfortunately didn’t receive any response by email and the bug (hatching alignment) still exists in the latest version.

You can post your file and systemInfo to this thread or upload here. Thanks

I did it a month ago (uploaded an explanation in German and English including the file and system information) but this time I didn’t receive a response by email like I usually do, so I asked you if you already knew anything.

This probably went to McNeel Europe, a quick check of the email associated with the forum account doesn’t show anything recent (one tticket from 2020)

Ok, then I will send the file and the report about the bug in English including the system information via your upper link and hope that it arrives this time. Thanks

Hello Japhy, I have attached a simple test file that shows the error with the alignment of the hatching. In the image you can see that everything is displayed correctly in the 3D view and it only occurs in the section drawings. I hope it helps to eliminate the bug.

SystemInfo.txt (2.4 KB)
Test_BugReport_SectionDrawings.3dm (106.1 KB)

Thanks for reporting. RH-82330

RH-82330 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 9 Release Candidate.

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