Free design of stairs

Hello all,

I have a rather more specific question regarding stairs. The application for designing stairs is great! But I would like to model an existing staircase with special properties.
Is there a Grasshoppers file with the following properties?

Red line = Set boundary
Green line = Each single step or reference line is freely selectable

Yes, I could also remodel the stair using Rhino tools + create a 2D drawing. Then create a block, insert point etc = done!

But I want to keep the parametric properties (BIM), so that when I export it to Revit or ArchiCAD the specific properties are preserved.

I imagine it like this. There is a GH file where I can assign the curves and enter different parameters for the heights, slab thickness etc…

Is this possible?

Many greetings

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Hello @Boris_87,

This is already possible. You can create a Grasshopper Style to define your own stair design. You can find plenty of information about Gh Styles creation in our website:

Please, let me know if you have any questions about it.

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