2D Elevations


I’m an architect and have worked in several studios which have used Rhino to help create elevations.

My issue is the static process of the Make2D function and the time wasted manually updating CAD drawings or copying Make2D line drawings into new and old drawings. The list goes on. It’s annoying. I’ve tried Grasshopper and have failed in creating a workflow to fix this problem.

Would it be possible to introduce a Make2D function which is dynamic and that would allow you generate elevations that change as you manipulate the 3D? Or at least having a refresh button which scans for changes?

Could this function be controlled by a bounding box so that you could control what the 2D is showing and also control the direction of the camera.

I’d love to shove a camera into a space and generate my 2D elevations or have my exterior elevations always match my 3D?

A similar system to Revit or Archicad? However Rhino simple would be great.


The standard answer is to try SectionTools:

Please try this and post your feedback here!