2D Drawings for Rhino Mac - detail questions

Hi there
I’m new to rhino for mac and I was wondering if you can create technical drawings similar to solidworks.

Can the different views be displayed in different modes, for example the perspective one in rendered? So far If I switched it to rendered in my viewport settings my entire background switched but the object stayed in wireframe.

Q2 Setting a scale
So far I haven’t found how to set a specific scale to a line view. For example 1:5 scale.

Q3 Moving measurements
When I move measurements the history breaks. This means I cannot make the drawing look prettier - with the measurements in the right place.

Q4 How can I aline the different views - so that it’s precise?

Q5 So far I saw other people import plan heads from auto cad, any way to create your plan head template in rhino?

Thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately I haven’t found any tips on these topics online. And if so it’s for windows and that seems a bit more elaborate.



Hi Anna, Layouts will pretty much do everything you have listed, you can find the Introduction To Layouts video here
There are a number of other tutorials to go with this one too :slight_smile:

Hi @milezee Very helpful!! Thanks so much. You made my day!

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