Extension to the "Make 2D" command


Hey there,
I have been missing an option to the “Make2D” command.
When you get for example imported data and you have to create 2D for a collegue, the models often come in with an orientation you don’t know what is front or top.

If there was an option to choose which views shall be created, it would be more comfortable than creating view by view using the actual view option.
Often you might need the left view instead of the right one or the rear view instead of the front.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi André - you can always use the current view option- is that not what you need?



Hi Pascal,
sorry, no this not what I meant.
I know the current view option, but that means that you have to stop the command after each view.
And it also means that the generated views would not align to each other or worser, the would intersect.
Why not make an option to choose the views you need, instead of all the others.
Very often one might not need the 3D view and on big models it can take 1 hour and more to generate a single view.
Just had the case with an engine that was imported from the manufacturer with all details.
It took me half a day and the computer was locked for that time.

Another thing is, that Rhino is still very slow at handling big amounts of curves, imported or not.
When I import Autocad dwg to build the model to these base curves, the pc is still three times slower than without imported curves.
Can that be improved?


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Andre- do the imported curves have linetypes other than ‘continuous’? If so, the the scale of the patterns look correct? If the scale is much too small, Rhino may slow down trying to draw too many line segments in the patterns, and you can also try turning off the linetypes via the LinetypeDisplay command and see if that helps at all.



Hi Pascal,
didn’t try it yet, but sounds like that’s a helpful hint. Might save some time in future. Thanks.