"2-D Drawing Options", please bring back hidden lines in white!

I’m not sure if I’m pleased with all the changes in R6 - R7. When it comes to “2-D Drawing Options” I certainly miss the option to give “Hidden lines” a different color then the “Scene silhouette” so I can select it with ease through “select by color”

This was the case with R5, hidden line was white!
Why is this gone in R6 - R7?

Luckily, after a long surge I now select the “Hidden lines” through “Select by line type”

Would be helpful as a user to be beter informed in detail with what has changes in all arias
I mean in depth, not the global changes and the newbies.


Please assign your new messages to the appropriate category so the right people see it.


Hi John,

Sorry on that one.

So the categorie in my case is “Rhino/Rhino for Mac”?

Either Rhino or Rhino for Mac would be fine for this question.



Hi Peter - these should end up on their own layers, so right clicking on the layer and choosing ‘Select Objects’ from the context menu ought to do it - does that help?


Thanks Pascal,

That does help, though I have to adjust my work flow.
For years I was used to R5 that “Make 2D” gave me white Hidden Lines.