Make a 2D-drawing _no layer for hidden lines


the Funktion Hidden lines is in the aktuell Rhino Version gone. Before they were on a white layer, but this layer is now missing. Maybe you can help!

I just tried it and the layers are there. They are sub-layers under Make2D in the Layer panel.
They are assigned the white color like Windows Rhino and also like Windows Rhino, you will need to actually assign the hidden line type pattern.
In Mac Rhino that’s a little different…

Go into File - Settings on the Linetypes panel.
Click on the gear icon
Choose “Load standard linetypes”

That will get the patterns loaded in the 3DM file
Than you can assign the pattern to a layer in the Layer panel.

Just tried Mac Rhino 5A732 “Make 2-D drawing.” I was coming here to report that the previous build had issues, but someone worked overtime on this feature for the latest build. Thanks! I am pleased that you keep this feature working in most builds, as it is currently a main reason that I use Rhino. I generate 3D Illustrations for projects before spending money with models. It is a very helpful visualization tool to catch 2D drafting errors.

I see that John Brock indicated that there are multiple layers in the exported AI file. I have not experienced that until this build. It is a welcome asset to my workflow.

Thank you.