Pen Hidden Lines do not show or print!

Besides the fact that there is hardly any simple button functionality in Layouts. Pen doesn’t work either… so god only knows how people are meant to produce technical drawings in Rhino for MAC?

Please update display drivers so that works please… Ive noticed this also happens on a PC I have and wonder if its an OpenGL thing???



May I ask if you have updated to MacOSX High Sierra ??
I’ve had big issues with the Cuda driver since updating to High Sierra, :frowning:

How can we overcome this. I realise now that the PC that also didn’t show hidden lines, is actually a virtual machine using the same MAC drivers and graphics card etc.

What do we use to upgrade the graphics card to handle Pen with Hidden?

Some people have been able to get round this by installing web based drivers, apparently it’s an Apple issue not Nvidia so I’m hoping for a fix in the next High Sierra update, should be due by the end of the month, its a real pain :frowning:
I forgot to ask, are any of your objects blocks ? If they are blocks you have to explode them to show up when using the pen display mode, a known bug I believe in Rhino Mac.

Im surprised that no now has tried turning hidden lines on in Pen mode. That seem to work fine?