1960's Michael Noll Computer Art - Help

Hello, I’m looking to create a script that will generate Michael Noll-esque geometries for a Grasshopper seminar class. Looking to have scripts generate only vertical and horizontal lines within a set boundary, but as a beginner in Grasshopper, I’m having difficulty figuring out how to set this up. Any help is very much appreciated! :smiley: I have always been drawn to work like this and regularly sketch like this myself, but would just like to be able to create a script for it.

You could probably achieve something similar with a random walker that can only go north, east, south, and west. This direction as well as the step size could be randomly chosen at each iteration. A random walker is basically a point that moves randomly at each step. You can record its history - all its past positions - and draw a polyline through the points.
You could set this up with one of the looping add-ons (e.g. Anemone, Hoopsnake, etc.) or script it yourself.


Based on @diff-arch 's suggestion, but no need for loops - just make a list of directions which alternates between travelling N-E-S-W, and then move a point through each direction in the list.

I recommend trying to go through each of the nodes and understand what it’s doing, especially as a beginner.

Hope it’s what you are after!

randomWalk.gh (8.3 KB)


this might also be a very very very very basic approach :slight_smile:

Noll-ish_lines.gh (8.8 KB)


oh man this is so good :+1:


I appreciate all the help and prompt replies! Thanks guys :blush: @diff-arch @inno @jopsa2