1. Data conversion failed from Point to Brep

This is my absolute first attempt at Grasshopper as you can probably gather by looking at my script. Im trying to replicate the carved panel shown in the second image.

I was able to create a surface (visible in the first image) by using geometry created in grasshopper. When I attempted to reference a piece of geometry from rhino (creating a brep param and linking to an elipsoid) i get the error message

“1. Date conversion failed from Point to Brep”

any help on solving this issue, or pointers in how to do this better would be greatly appreciated

A point is not a brep. The Sphere component ‘B’ input wants a “Base plane” and when supplied with points will default to a World XY plane at the point(s).

Your images are not as useful as posting your GH file - ALWAYS!

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files