Data conversion failed from point curve

Hi I’m a beginner grasshopper user and I’m following a tutorial to create a Ribbed Ceiling
but I keep receiving these 2 error messages even though I’ve followed the steps and redone them over a few times.

Data conversion failed from point curve
Data Conversion failed from curve to brep

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Jamil -

These errors show that the input that is being provided in the component is not what is required.
Without your .gh file with all Rhino geometry internalized, there’s not much more to say about what is happening.

Ribs - (22.8 KB)
Ribs - Ceiling.3dm (64.3 KB)

Hi Wim,

Thanks for your response, I’ve attached the .gh and rhino if you wish to have a look at it.


Hi Jamil -

I have made no attempt to understand what the goals of this definition is…

Here, you can see that you are taking one of the vertices of a curve and feed that into the Pipe component. You can’t make a pipe from a single point; you need a curve.


Here, you are feeding a curve into the Brep Join component. That component needs surfaces or open polysurfaces; not curves.

You are running an old and cracked version of Rhino 7…

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Check this as well…(Purple group)

Ribs - (21.7 KB)


Thank you the both of you! appreciate your help! @wim @HS_Kim