1,2 MB .dwg land survey file opened in R7 - impossible to orbit


I want to upload file privately to someone from Mc Neel
so that you can optimize the program because this is impossible that such a small file is not orbitable thus not workable. I suspect blocks are the issue here but its 2021 and Rhino 7, not a Rhino 1 Beta…

Anything like linetypes set to a really, really small scale (causing millions of segments to be attempted to be drawn on the screen)? Just an idea to check…

i would check if i could only do something with it because it is not responsive at all on my machine :smiley: but its plausible but i have this feeling that it might be more related to blocks

If you can manage to get everything selected via Ctrl+A, as a test you can go to Properties>Linetype and set all to ‘Continuous’. If that fixes it, that was it. If not, then yeah, it might be blocks also with a million repeated elements, like tree leaves or something. Haven’t experienced anything like that myself (yet).

Basically if you’re having trouble tumbling the view on-screen, it’s because Rhino is having a lot of trouble trying to draw… something(s). Maybe lots of objects, maybe bad objects that don’t want to be meshed, maybe… ???

Hello - you can always send confidential files to tech@mcneel.com. Please include a link back here in your comments.


ok i have sent the file. keep in touch when you review it

Thanks, the file is indeed… problematic.


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all similar, class of, files i have enctountered with were problematic but this one is in particular problematic. Thats why i decided that this is the time where this should be put under scrutiny. It is in interest of all aec users.

So, there are thousands of blocks, all, apparently, with user text attached, four items, it looks like. Exploding these appears to let Rhino behave, at least in the small subset that I eventually managed to isolate - but the relevant display text and user text is then lost.

I’ll run it by the developer - I do not know what the answer is here.