Zooming Issue In Perspective View

I’m having big problems when zooming in perspective view, both with external cad mouse, and with the trackpad, I just can’t zoom in at all, its fine in top, front, side views ? V7 , Big Sur, 16" MBP

That’s not enough detail to understand the issue.

When you Wheel Zoom in a perspective projection viewport, does the Zooming slow down and seem to stop, or doesn’t work at all?

@John_Brock yes it slows down, then stops zooming in, and feels stuck. It’s like it gets to a certain distance then doesn’t want to get closer ??

In a perspective projection viewport, the view camera point moves towards the view target.
If the model cover a large area, you can run out of room to Zoom.
This is not a problem for models where the geometry is all close together.

If you press and hold your Option key while wheel Zooming, then the view Target is pushed along with the Camera. You can Zoom right past your object.

To see this. run the Camera command while your Perspective view is active, then use the Show option.
The perspective view frustum pyramid will display in the other 3 viewports.
wheel Zoom in the Perspective view and watch how the frustum changes.
Now press and hold Option and wheel Zoom to see how it is different.

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FWIW. I use Zoom Target almost exclusively when setting a view, not Zoom Window - that resets the target and allows dynamic zooming to work again in perspective views.


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I would suggest you put this macro on a button:

-ViewportProperties projection parallel Enter

When you need to zoom in close just poke the button and the zooming problems will disappear.

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Switching to a parallel projection works well too but the trade off is a distorted view. I do the same thing sometimes myself.

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