Zoom ceases to function in Perspective view

Rhino - Mac 5.0.2, running OS X 10.10.5: Zoom function ceases to function in the Perspective view port ONLY. Have attempted menu tool, kbd shortcut and wheel. Have restarted app and system: problem persists. Considering reloading Rhino, but would think bug would re-emerge. Anybody experienced this? Anybody resolved it? THANKS ALL!

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I’ve had a similar problem but not resolved it.
In perspective view the drawing disappears at higher magnification and comes back when I zoom back out. Sometimes just jams totally.
If I close and reopen it might work OK, then latter the same happens again.


Thank you Allan. Your description actually adds detail to exactly what happens on my software, except that, once frozen, I am unable to regain the view. I am experimenting exporting the 3D data to create a new drawing, but expect the bug to recurr if I need high magnification, as you describe. Bummer.

Hi evc- the problem is almost always that the camera eye point approaches the target point and just gets too close. The solution is to use Zoom Target rather than Zoom Window, or use Zoom Target when ever this starts to happen, to reset the camera target. If you are working on very close for a while it may pay to simply change the view projection to parallel temporarily.

Shout if that does not help.


i think what you guys are speaking of is similar to what i posted here.


i can zoom to selected, target, window or anything really and that does not fix the problem. it resets the view but does not seem to reset the origin. its as though after i do a zoom to target i am already 3/4 of the way into my zoom travel. in any case i have not been able to use windows for mac for a couple few months. its completely unusable since i can barely move. there was an update since i posted that last issue above but it was not fixed. i currently have to use the windows version which does not do this. hopefully one of these days it will get fixed.

Thank you very much Pascal. I have a buddy helping me parallel the functions on the Windows version, and he suspects something similar. I will post results.

Thanks iimc. I am paralleling the functions on Win version and (1) problem does not seem to occur (don’t know if I trained myself inadvertently : ), (2) view ports all display item consistently, and (3) “Zoom Selected all Viewports” restores usable cropping in Perspective. I will post final comparison, but I suspect you are right. Thanks again!

Not to necro a thread but, I was able to use File>Revert To and then load an older version of the file that was was complete.

In case others encounter this problem, another way to solve this for me was to simply place a new target.

I frequently encounter what you describe but I can do ZOOM EXTENTS or ZOOM SELECTED to get bck to normal.

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Using Zoom Target rather than Zoom Window to navigate is a good way to (often) avoid this.


Those work for me as well.

I’m not the most experienced with Rhino, but it appears that there are already some solutions for this issue. A really easy fix I have found is to use the “4view” command twice in a row. If you are in perspective view, type “4view,” which will take you into 4view. Use the command again, and it will reset perspective view. Then, you can go back to perspective, and it should be back to normal. However, it seems that after zooming and orbiting the view around for a while, it starts to seize up again, but you can repeat the 4view command to reset.
It’s very odd. It’s as if the program’s virtual camera can only twist and turn so much until it gets stuck again. It’s as if it had a cable that is so tangled it can no longer move. Using the 4view command seems to reset all of that and give a fresh start.