Feature Request: Keyboard Zoom

I have asked for this before and always gotten an explanation why it does not make sense, but here goes again:

It is a standard convention on the Mac for <CTRL-+> to zoom in and to zoom out.

As I have mentioned before, Rhino repeatedly stops responding to trackpad commands on my macbook and then refuses to respond for extended periods of time. I can scroll with the keyboard but I cannot zoom. If I could zoom, some of the misery would be alleviated.

Type Z enter I enter, for Zoom In
You can assign that to a keyboard macro.
Rhinoceros > Preferences > Commands > Customize > Keyboard Shortcuts tab

How do I specify Zoom In or Zoom Out in a keyboard shortcut?


Type Z for Zoom and look at the options.
The I in “In” is underscored.
That’s what you type to Zoom In>
I described that in my first reply.

What I am trying to do is type or and zoom in or out without an additional step.

After you figure out the command Macro, assign it to a key.
I outlined those steps in my first reply too.

This was my first time doing this. I stumbled through getting -I. -O does not work. I appears to be bound to the menu to OPEN.

I deleted it from the shortcuts but it still wants to do OPEN>

Here’s the keyboard shortcut I created for this.
It uses Cmd+D jut because it’s convenient to type:

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Thanks, I was able to fumble through it. IMHO, it was not the most intuitive aspect of Rhino but managed.

I find most of the Mac U/I awkward, but I’m a Windows person and that’s to be expected, or so I’m told.
I can use the Mac tools but the Windows tools seem more intuitive to me.

Mac Rhino was not designed with Windows users like me or my preferences in mind.
That was the point.