Zoom Rhino 7

Hi all,
New Rhino 7 user here. I just updated from Rhino 6 and what I have noticed is zooming is different - when I attempt to zoom in and out in Rhino 6, the area I am zooming in and out of is based on where my mouse/clicker is in model space. However, when I attempt to do this in Rhino 7, zooming in and out only does so to the center of my screen/model space. So in order to quickly zoom toward an object, I either have to pan around so it is in the middle of my screen, or type zoom then click target then click the object and make a window. Has anybody else encountered this issue? Maybe there is somewhere in options I need to switch something? I can’t figure it out. Thanks

Hi, it’s a new feature in Rhino 7 and for what I remember it should work in the opposite way:
When you rotate the mouse wheel, you zoom in or out where the mouse pointer is currently located.
When you hold down the Ctrl key and rotate the mouse wheel, the zoom is always targeting the center of the screen no matter where the mouse pointer is.

I wasn’t holding the CTRL key and it went to the center, so would it not go to the center if I held CTRL? this seems counter intuitive. I am also using a trackpad right now because I just wanted to zoom into my drawing on my laptop.

I just tested that and it works just as I described in my post above. Holding down the Ctrl key locks the zoom in and out to the center of the screen. I can’t find any setting that will swap the zoom in and out function.
This is especially useful for architectural and automotive projects where the goal is to keep the object exactly in the center of the image.

so when i toggle ctrl while i zoom it seems to snap out of the center zoom mode, however I cant figure out how to default the program to do this. Every time I zoom still only goes to the center…

Maybe some of the Rhino developers could say how to reverse that. I can’t find any related option.

Hi Cassandra -
Please post the settings-Scheme__Default.xml file from your %appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\settings folder.