Zoom lens length around mouse cursor

Hello there, I’ve been looking for a way to Zoom lens length around mouse cursor, is it available in Rhino 7 ? planned for 8 ?
To demonstrate what I mean I joined a gif showing my setup, I have a backgroundbitmap picture aligned with a 3D model in a view with a projection camera (not orthographic) and I would like to see the details without breaking the superposition of the model and the picture.
First I show regular zoom which breaks the superpostion BUT allows me to zoom centered around the mouse cursor and then I show the ZoomLens command which allows me to keep the superposition BUT doesn’t center the zoom around my mouse cursor…
RhinoZoom (1)

Thanks for your help

Hi Thomas - as far as I know there is no provision for this, and none planned. Lookin g at what the camera does on ZoomLens, it does not look like this is possible, (to me…)


Sad news there, this is a pretty standard zoom option for me :frowning: If there is no workaround is it possible to put it as a feature request ? Either to target the mouse for center or to give an option to pan inside the zoomed rendered picture without moving the camera itself. both would be great even if the mouse one is more ergonomic.

Mine Works just as you described, i move my mouse and it zooms to where my mouse cursor is, both with the mouse wheel and holding Ctrl and Right clicking

Hi Thomas,

There is currently no way to do this in standard Rhino, as @Pascal mentioned.
In certain situations, like yours or while working on a model for a set camera view, this would be a truly useful feature in standard Rhino view manipulation toolset.

While moving the target to mouse cursor first and then using ZoomLens is quite easy to implement via simple script, the other way - to ZoomLens to cursor, is a bit more tricky, as it requires keeping the camera in place white simultaneously changing lens and target position to keep your mouse point in the same sceeen spot. But it is possible to implement.

Both of these features (move target to cursor, and ZoomLens around cursor) are among many others I implemented in the Sparrow plugin, as working on a model for a static camera in quite important in my own workflow. Zooming in/out without changing camera location is critical in that case.

Here is how it works in terms of the camera behavior (cyan color dot is the cursor location projected into 3D space)

Side note: in Rhino the name “Zoom” can be a bit confusing since the zoom command/mouse wheel action in fact move the camera in space, closer to objects, along the camera-cursor line. ZoomLens is a true “Zoom” behavior, but the way Rhino implements it is always along the target/view center.



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