Zoom / Pan question

I need to zoom into a view keeping the same relationship between camera and target. If I zoom window the view angle changes and so does the zoom dynamic depending on where I place the mouse on the object.
Is there a command to basically have a larger version of the object without changing its perspective ?


alt and right Mouse Button.


No, that doesn’t do it. Zoomlens uses always the center of the view. I’m trying to zoom into an object located in a corner of the view and fill the screen WITHOUT changing it’s perspective. Try it in the attached file.

zoom.3dm (191.8 KB)

Not sure if I totally understand what you are asking for. If you change the camera or the target, then you will change the perspective. You can change the lens length to keep the same perspective but zoom in, but this won’t change the target, which it seems you want to do. If you want to move the camera and target as a unit, alt + right mouse button will move the camera and target forward and back together, shift + RMB will move the camera and target perpendicular to the “film plane” of the camera. There is no way (that I know of) that just zooms in on part of the viewport.

I was afraid of the answer and I know that it doesn’t make much sense what I’m asking in real physical terms.
What I’m after is being able to render the object located in the lower corner of the view at a very high resolution without having to render the whole screen. The object is now matching the perspective of an background scene for a high-res poster and I wanted to render only the object to say 3000x2000 (10" x 6.5" approx printed size) .
The only way I’ve found is to render the view at say 12000x8000 so that I can then crop it. I was trying to avoid setting up the image size so high. Not a huge deal because most of the view will be empty but I thought there would be another way …

You want a squinting camera.
A camera not looking at it s target.


What renderer are you using? It may be possible to use RenderWindow or similar command in the renderer to render out the bit you are interested in.


I use vray. I’ll use the red window in the frame buffer or renderblowup command but I still need to setup the resolution at an insane size.