Camera target is cursor location with Osnap this possible?

I wish to be able to move my cursor with an Osnap near or int etc and rotate perspective view about the cursor with the right mouse button down and rotate feature.
This would be brilliant to be able to alter the camera target , almost by thought alone !

I am placing points at the apparent intersections of a network of curves, I hope they intersect but they sometimes miss and I need to see quite what I am doing by rotating about each intersection as I place points.

Yes I could keep going into the menu and setting target as I have started to do but its adding to the time it takes.


Zoom Target. I use this script (which should be drag-drop-able, adds the commands smartTarget and setTargetPlane), which turns on OSnaps if they are off, and turns Project off it is on while you pick then returns them to the state they were in before running the command.


smarttarget_091001.rvb (7.7 KB)

Hi SamPage, I will give that a try,

you say drag drop it onto rhino when its open.

How do I revert back to normal camera function ?

Once I run this, I can carry out commands with it running in the background, such that if I go to perspective view it will do as I wish, then I carry out more comands in ortho, or whatever, and its allways functional till I stop it ?


In case you didn’t know:
ZS (“Z-S-space”) is the shortkey to zoom selected.

Cheers Holo,
Good to know.

I am after camera target is current cursor position as opposed to zoom to cursor, I need that cursor position to be also zoomable, it normally follows that the target is zoomable anyway.