Zoom extends for all viewports - WIP 2014-03-05

i’m new to Rhino because i’m looking for a real CAD tool on the Mac and there are no real alternatives for now.

i have a problem with the “zoom extends all viewports”.

The zoom extends for the selected viewport is working fine but the zoom extends all viewports dosn’t do any zoom at all, not in the selected viewport nor all vieports.

Am i doing something wrong ?

Hi Jan,

This is working here in build 505. Can you tell me how you’re running zoom extents and zoom extents all? I tried the View>Zoom drop down menu and the ZEA and ZE macros. The purpose of both is to show you all the objects in the scene as large as possible in the viewport(s). So make sure you aren’t already zoomed in when testing them and that there are some objects in the scene.

Thanks for trying Rhino OSX!

forget about this :wink:

i simply didn’t configure the right mouse button in the preferences :wink: