Bug? Zooms out to infinity

Not sure what i did, but this is what I’ve been left with.

I was moving focus between Rhino and Safari. While in Safari, I think I moved the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, which often still seems to control Rhino, when I moved the cursor back to Rhino and over the Perspective View, the items in the drawing followed the cursor while disappearing into the distance.

The top view functions fine. If I select an item and use ZSA I get the message “Unable to zoom some views - no objects are selected”. Selecting different views and repeating ZSA I managed to get back all but the Perspective View, but then I moved the SpaceMouse and all views are blank! Other files seem fine. I’ve exited Rhino, and rebooted the Mac, but still the same problem.

Any clues?


Try this: _SynchronizeViews and select the Top view




thanks for the response, I’ve given it a go, but it seemed to do nothing (it did work in a different file). I’m assuming the file has become corrupted some how. I’ve managed to get all I need out of the file into a new one and all seems fine, so no harm done.