Zoom 1to1 in Layouts?

Ok, this might get a little confusing, but I’m looking for a way to Zoom1to1 in my Layout Details so that the “1to1” is proportionate to the size of the layout - not the size of my monitor.

For example, I have a ring that has an i.d. of 18mm. I create a Detail looking through the i.d. My intention is to print the layout and have the print be an accurate 1to1, but if I double-click in the Detail and choose Zoom1to1 I get 18mm on the screen - not in the Layout space… make sense?

I know I can print from a regular viewport and choose Print Scale 1:1, but I’m trying to use Layouts for multiple views, etc.


Honestly…I did it “by eye”…made rectangle 5x5mm and kept zooming in and out in the Layout until my print matched 5mm…I’m sure there is more accurate way of doing it but this was all I needed…

Ok, I figured it out. It’s a two step process:

1: Zoom the entire layout to Zoom1to1
2: Double click in the Details you want to be life-size and Zoom1to1.


Hi Declan - you can set the layout scale of any parallel view detail directly in the Properties panel with a detail selected. You might want to set it Locked as well. Does that do what you need?


Ha! Yes - that’s great. Love the locked option.

Tx as always!