Zoo Licensing for students

Hello all, I have created a new topic as I am getting conflicting information from other threads. I hope someone can help and maybe the good folk at McNeel can chime in.

The specific scenario is.

I am a teacher as SIDE (School of Isolated and Distance Education) which caters for Australian students that cannot attend a school for a number of reasons and so we deliver content around the world to these students online.

I would love the students to be exposed to Rhino but previous Zoo and other license models meant the license was allocated to an individual not an institution. As our department runs on vapors, funding prevented this. (Yes I know about the Zoo but that runs on a LAN)

What we need is to be able to “Check out” a license to a student for 6 Months and then reclaim it back for the next course. Does anyone know definitively if this is possible with with the Cloud Zoo and any insight as to a interface/ management before I request funding. (The students could be using PC or Mac)

I’m talking about Rhino 6

Thanks in advanced


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This should work fine with the cloud Zoo, you create a team and add the students to it. They will each need to create their own Rhino account to become a team member. They will need to have an internet connection at least once every two weeks to renew their license lease; you will need to have as many lab licenses in your team account as necessary to accommodate the number of simultaneous users (30 max per lab license). You can simply remove the students from the team at the end of the semester and the licenses are “reclaimed”.

Currently this will only be possible with PC, there is no V6 for Mac yet, and it will not work with V5 for Mac. There may be a Mac Rhino WIP 6 “soon”, and as far as I know, a V6 license will run that.

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Thanks for the quick response Helvetosaur, That is music to my ears


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Here’s a link to the details you’ll want to read.
The “Team” feature is what you will need to use.