Zoo license server log file, could it include failed/rejected requests?

Hi Brian

We are a design firm and growing. Every couple of months he have to add a number of Rhino licences to the Zoo.
Reading the log files, I can see records such as:

Unfortunately in “Events” I can only see “License returned” or “loaned out” or “checked out” respectively.
Would it be possible to also get a record of how often users are denied a license because they are all in use?

Right now, I can only see that the last license is gone, but not how many times (or if at all) people request additional licenses.

The only measure we have is the number of frustrated users emails, asking others in the company to shut down their running application if not urgently needed.


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I like that suggestion. We have experienced the same issues, and like you, it comes down to e-mails and phone calls as the only way to know more licenses are required.


This isn’t an issue I face, but I was wondering if, after this counter is implemented, it would be any use if the Zoo sent an e-mail to the Rhino administrator when the unfulfilled request number or rate exceeded an admin-selected value? I also wonder if Rhino is in periodic communication with the Zoo, so that it could let the Zoo know when no keystrokes, mouse action or rendering-level CPU usage has taken place for an admin-specified period of time?

Just some thoughts from someone who doesn’t actually live in the subject environment.

Sounds reasonable. I’ve added your request to the V6 to-do list.