Zoo 6 install on Server with port:80 already in use


I would like to install Zoo 6 on a server which already has a web service running on port 80. I’m not able to change that.
Currently, when I launch Zoo Admin and click the green play button, or manually start the Zoo Service, it just hangs and the service does not start. Is this due to port 80 being used?

Is there any way to still use that server if the other software needs port 80?

Zoo 5 and 6 are hard-coded to port:80.
You will need to choose a different computer to host the Zoo.

The only exception is if the host computer is running Skype, it can easily be configured to not monitor port:80.

Where is the Zoo 5 download? I would like to use the Windows Server 2003 box and it does not support .NET 4.5 thus Zoo 6.
This re-routes to Zoo 6: http://download.rhino3d.com/Zoo/5.0/release/download/

That re-routes for me too.


The latest, and last, Zoo 5. Note, this version does not support the Rhino WIP or Rhino for Mac…

zoo50_5.8.40315.18095.zip (7.4 MB)

For what its worth, Windows Server 2003 extended support ended on July 14, 2015…