Z-axis not visible

Maybe it’s a new issue, or a regression.

Rhino 6 SR7 2018-7-18 (Rhino 6, 6.7.18199.22081, Git hash:master @ 123fa928529aea2697d4d286dda5f63a029d2a71)
Licence type: Commercial, build 2018-07-18

You are supposed to change the setting in the view mode settings:

That’s exactly how it is described in the issue I attached above.


The panel check box doesn’t comply with Rhino Options. It is supposed to be fixed.

The options mentioned in the linked post where for view display mode settings, not advanced settings.

What’s the difference?

The difference is that the setting you tried to change isn’t a display mode setting. The z-axis setting mentioned in the linked post (and YT item) is per display mode - these settings aren’t global.

Yeah, you’re right, just checked that.

But why doesn’t Advanced Setting about the Z-axis have any effect?

Dunno, I have the feeling it is a remnant from a distant past - I wouldn’t be surprised if long, long ago (definitely from way before my time) a ZAxis command existed that did something.

But someone more knowledgable, maybe @pascal, can tell you if it is an actual bug, or if it is indeed something leftover from a change.

Maybe I’m wrong but I treat the “Advanced” section of the options as a list of all the settings, to avoid searching for them. If there are indeed some leftovers perhaps I should change the way I do things.

Advanced settings generally should be only the very last resort, and preferrably only when a developer actually tells you to fiddle with such settings.

In this case the z-axis visibility setting for display modes isn’t managed through this.

Sure, you can find great gems here, but when you are not sure of something, better not touch it :slight_smile: (unless you like the hard learning experience! :wink: )

:slight_smile: not that I like it but that’s how usually happens with me.

I suspect Nathan is correct and the ‘advanced’ setting is no longer connected to anything - it would be a global setting so the display modes would need to have a ‘use application settings’ for the Z Axis, as they do for backgrounds, for it to make any sense… is how I see it. So, yeah, I guess it should be wired up or removed from Advanced. Removing seems simpler…


If you go to View and instead of checking the Show Z Axis in the Wireframe, you have an option to also check it within the Shaded Show Z Axis. It worked for me. Hope it does for you guys too.