Grid command missing an option to toggle Z Axis

Can we please get an option to toggle the display of the Z axis in the Grid command?

That option is not part of the Grid document property, it is part of the display mode options - for each display mode. I guess a script could be made to toggle all the display modes at once, that’s the only way I can see that it would consistently work… (the way things are currently set up)

Thanks, I see that. I guess I’ll have to live with it.

It just feels odd that there is no option in the Grid command. I’d understand if the World Axes were a display mode option. But the Z axis should be a Grid option

Not even sure about that now, a quick look through the various display mode methods, I can’t find any setting for that, so it may not be exposed in RhinoCommon… (or maybe I just didn’t find it)

Nevermind, either they add the option or I will have to adapt my display modes.

I also vote for a command (or an option) to toggle the Z-axis.