Yak package list not updating

Hi there,

We have had, over the last month, several (3-4) customers who have been unable to find updates to our Rhino Plugin using the Yak package manager.

When I connect to these machines I am able to run a yak search on the command line and it does indeed report the latest version of our plugin (ZebraCut). However this is not visible within Rhino’s Package Manager.

I have noticed that these machines tend to be the slower machines with poorer internet access.
I also noticed that the package manager update search never seems to complete on these machines - the spinning circles animation does not seem to ever stop spinning.

Sorry I can’t give a more precise bug report but thought I’d throw this out there and see if anyone else has had this or if there is a known issue. Or perhaps it is specific to our plugin?

The solution we’ve had to employ is to un-install and then re-install rhino which works but is rather like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut…

Hi David, is this Rhino 6 or 7? Are they typing into the search bar, or just scrolling to find the package? In the first few service releases of Rhino 7 here was an artificial limit on the number of packages that could be loaded into the UI at any one time. This has since been raised.

Hi Will,

They have all been Rhino 7, I believe all 7.9 or later.
We tried both methods in the UI - just scrolling and searching.
In either case the new version did not appear.


Starting with version 1.2.1, the ZebraCut package is listed as only supporting Rhino 7.10 and later. Was this intentional? When building the package, the Yak tool will inspect the plug-in to see which version of the SDK it was built against. See the note on “distributions” towards the end of “Creating a Grasshopper plug-in package”.

Thanks Will, yeah that was deliberate when we switched to the nuget Rhino package (looking forward to a Yak Nuget package). I agree this could have caused these issues however we encountered them before this change. I suppose it is possible the artificial limit you mentioned might have caused the problem.

I will update this thread if we encounter this again - any files/logs which would be helpful to capture if we see this again?

What would a Yak NuGet package solve for you?

Please do! Just Rhino’s build version (see _SystemInfo command) will be useful as well as knowing if there’s a difference when using the search box to narrow the results. Thanks!

Thanks Will, I’ll report back if we see this again.

I currently reference Yak dll from Rhino’s install in order to do update checking for the user automatically.

However I understood from this thread that referencing this way might be fragile if you increment Yak dll versions. I figured a yak nuget package might give control of which version the plugin works with.

Of course if the package manager did automatic update checking that would be much much better :wink: would be great if it could respect the -beta or -dev tags and only offer updates in the same stream